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When Offenses Happen

9/17/2017 Shad Vork  Luke 17:1-4 

What Does Your Walk Look Like?

9/3/2017 Pat Casey  Colossians 1:9-14 

The Eternal Destiny You Won't Want

8/20/2017 Shad Vork  Luke 16:19-31 

You Can Only Serve One Master

8/13/2017 Tyler LaGrave  Luke 16:1-13 

Resisting or Receiving God's Grace

8/2/2017 Shad Vork  Isaiah 5:1-7 

The Cost of Discipleship, part 2

7/16/2017 Shad Vork  Luke 14:25-35 

The Cost of Discipleship, part 1

7/9/2017 Shad Vork  Luke 14:25-35 

Four Rules of Communication

5/21/2017 Shad Vork  Ephesians 4:25-32 

The Sovereign and Sorrowful Savior

5/14/2017 Shad Vork  Luke 13:31-35